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Practical Tips on How To Stand Out in Your Job Search

How To Find a Job in Foreign Country and Stand Out In Your Job Search

Job interviews are amongst the first steps towards landing that dream job of yours. However, long before being called in for an interview, hiring managers will judge your portfolios and online profile before you’re even called in to prove your mettle. Every recruiter worth his onions will search you out on social platforms and with your resume on his desk will be enabled to form a pretty clear picture of who you are. First impressions matter and you have to get it right at the first trail or you would be left on the wayside.

So, every time you have your sights set on a lucrative job opening, you can choose to be the standout star, the talented individual whom the recruiter cannot just get enough of, or you can be average, thereby hampering your chances of securing a job.

Here we present a few tips to help you catch the eyes of recruiters and stand out in your job search:

Polish Your Social Media Presence

Your social media presence can tell a lot about you to your prospective employers. Let’s not kid ourselves, today’s employers love to know everything about their intending employees. HR does not rely on just your CV and cover letter anymore. Of course, they know you would try to appear at your best on those documents. So what do they do? They look you up on social media. Read your tweets, your Facebook posts, the videos on your Instagram. With these, they are able to know opinions and worldview you hold dear. Are you the type that posts stuff that can be rated NSFW? Are you the type that rants about their boss online? Or maybe you hold views that can be termed “highly controversial”. As a job seeker, it’s time to polish your social media handle so you could come off as a responsible individual to recruiters.

Go The Extra Mile

Recruiters receive thousands of resumes almost every day, especially the top organizations that everyone will like to work for. According to Glassdoor , on average, organizations receive about 250 resumes for each job opening, and of those candidates, only 4 to 6 candidates will get the opportunity for an interview, and only one will get the job. Another stunning statistic by TheLadders says it takes recruiters an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume. As you can see, the competition is fierce out there and you need to go the extra mile in order to stand out from the crowd. Show some initiative. Share a link to your outstanding portfolio. You may have a personal blog where you write your thoughts on trending issues affecting your industry; You can also share them.

Follow Up

We talked about the competition being fierce out there. So, what does this mean for your applications? It simply means there is every likelihood that you may wait for some time before ever finding out how well you did. For these recruiters, the contenders need to be sorted out from the pretenders, which will take some amount of time. You may never hear from them within the time frame they promised to. Therefore, this is follow-up matters. It is part of the initiative we talked about. According to Careerbuilder , the rejection rate of a resume increases to about 37% when no follow up is done. So, in order to stand out, you must follow up on your application.

Improving your CV and other documents is crucial to stand out in your job search.

Improve Your Documents – Avoid Buzzwords

You can’t have a resume and cover letter filled with grammatical errors, wrong company name and other minute details and expect to stand out. Yes, you may stand out to the recruiting manager, but you will be standing out for all the wrong reasons. Polish your application with the right details and have a second eye, and even a third eye go through it. It is also important that you avoid buzzwords. These are the overused adjectives you can find in every average resume – words like motivated, passionate, driven, etc. You will have to find a new way of saying those things so that you don’t sound cliché. You can tell it as it is, avoid exaggeration, and a resume littered with unnecessary details. For a resume that wants to stand out, less is more.

Stand out in the right places

Finally, standing out from the crowd when it comes to job applications is no child’s play. But it is possible. Zutzu has given job seekers the chance to catch the eye of prospective employers. Now, you only would need to put in your best and get really creative. That way, you would be visible to any hiring manager and secure your next job using the Zutzu job board.

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