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Job Boards Are Still Essential for Job Seekers in 2020

What’s The Deal With Job Boards? – Reasons Why Job Boards Remain Relevant With Job Seekers In 2020

The year is 2020 and the relevance of job boards amongst job seekers has continued to rise. That’s one debate that’s not ending any time soon. With the rise of social media and networking, the continued relevance of job boards in today’s employment market has been questioned. However, despite the rise of other job-seeking platforms, job boards have proven very effective in the job market, and we will be seeing how.

What Are The Types of Job Boards?

General Job Boards

We have the general job boards where applicants can submit their resume in order for prospective employers to find them and possibly evaluate them. Companies can post their employment ads sourcing for job seekers to join their team. An example is the Zutzu platform.

Specialist Job Boards

This particular type of job board deals with a targeted niche or industry ranging from healthcare, IT and Technology, Teaching, Oil and Gas, and Engineering.

Job Search Engines

These are search engines dedicated to gathering results from multiple job boards.

Company Review Site

This takes the form of an internet forum whereby current and former employees of companies post about their experiences working for such organizations.

Reverse Job Boards

On this type of job board, candidates detail their resumes and profiles rather than search directly for jobs. An example is LinkedIn

There are other types of job boards worthy of mention, such as resources job boards, job fairs, recruitment marketplace and others.

There are different types of job boards, all appealing to different job seekers.

Why Job Boards Are Still Worth Your Time

With the advent of social media and its disruptive tendencies in the job market, you may be forgiven for thinking that job boards are becoming irrelevant in the job search scene. Statistics show that the reverse is the case. According to studies, 18% of hires are to be credited to the use of job boards. This is definitely a good outing for a recruitment channel that is said to be going out of fashion. This is in stark contrast to a paltry 3% credited to social media. This is not to say that the two channels cannot be used concurrently. So, as a job seeker, are job boards still worth your time? They do, and here’s why:

▪ Discover the latest opportunities:

When job seekers use job boards, they’re able to discover the latest job opportunities that are just right for them. There are filters and advanced search tools on these job boards to enable you to discover the role you’re suitable for. For example, Zutzu, enables applicants to state job criteria such as location, salary and other specific details to enhance fit them to jobs matching their profiles.

▪ Job Matching:

By using job boards such as Zutzu, job seekers find vacancies matching their profiles. That way, you don’t have to spend endless hours searching for the ideal role.

▪ Career Advice:

Job boards are run by administrators who are well-versed in the job market. Most of them are also human resource specialists who put out great blogs on the latest career and HR trends. The advice listed on these can help you with your job hunting and even in your career when you must have secured your dream job.

▪ The Ability To Be HeadHunted:

As a job seeker, when you use job boards, it gives you the leverage to be headhunted. That is, companies are also on the lookout for you and not just you doing the pursuit alone. As more companies and recruiters turn to job boards to find the right candidates for any given role in their organizations, as a job seeker, you would have increased your chances of securing the right job when you sign up to a reputable job board such as Zutzu.

How To Use Job Boards Effectively

In conclusion, job boards are not going out of fashion anytime soon. A platform such as Zutzu is changing the narrative and connecting top talents with the right employers. So, it will be a brilliant move on your part as a job seeker to make use of these great platforms to your advantage. They offer outstanding opportunity in your job search, especially when seeking opportunities abroad. What job boards have you used and what are your personal experience of the services?

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